3 Ways to Dress Your Conservatory for Summer

3 Ways to Dress Your Conservatory for Summer

With the memory of winter slowly fading and as the days get gradually hotter signals the arrival of summer. Which means more days lounging in the garden and later nights in the conservatory. Here are 3 ways to revitalise your conservatory for the summer months.

Scatter Cushions

Is your furniture looking tired? A conservatory can be a hostile setting for furniture, with high temperatures in the summer and chiller conditions in the winter. Naturally, this can take its toll on anything that in the room and furniture is no exception, but before chucking anything out consider purchasing some fresh scatter cushions. There are no rules when choosing new scatter cushions, with thousands of materials colours and styles, choose a style that suits you.

Note: Pet owners may want to take more take when choosing a material as a loser woven fabric may be a claw disaster.

Daro Ontario Suite

Photo Daro Ontario Suite – Shop at (www.premier-cane.co.uk)


Plant Perfection

There is a plant for every type of conservatory, from scorching sun traps to shaded recluses finding the right plant helps to refresh your conservatory and to brings a bit of nature to your home. For those with shaded areas the ‘Weeping Fig’ is a luscious tropical plant that prefers indirect sunlight and for those with the hottest suntraps perhaps cacti and succulents are the way forward. Conservatories can be great places for plants to thrive giving off fresh air and positive energy. Support your local garden centre and see the plant/s up close before you buy. Google what plants would suit your conditions and do not forget to water!

Hexham Suite Daro

Photo Daro Hexham Suite 2020. For more information on plants visit (www.patchplants.com/gb/en/10-best-plants)


Accessorise or ‘de-ccessorise’

A common conservatory problem is either having an empty conservatory that feels cold and impersonal or a crowded mess of a conservatory that is a headache, with the optimal spot being in the middle of the two, here is all you need to know about filling your space. You need to balance style with functionality, having a stylish space is great but remember the goal is to make a space to enjoy (not to look like a showroom image). For those with excess space to fill here are some ideas on how to accessorise your conservatory.


Side/Coffee Tables & Console Units

Depending on the size of the empty space having a table is both functional and can look great. See if there is a table in the same range as your sofa and armchairs, if there are none available then there are a wide selection of tables that you can match up online. Alternatively, for those with even more space a console unit can be dressed with plants, candles and pictures frames making it the perfect piece of furniture for you to personalise and make your own. View our wide selection of side tables here: https://www.premier-cane.co.uk/collections/conservatory-side-tables

Daro Unit

Photo Daro Unit – Shop at (www.premier-cane.co.uk)


Baskets & Rugs

Looking for something more natural? How about a rattan basket perfect for storing blankets, logs or anything your mind can come up with. Large rattan baskets are durable, hardwearing, and fashionable. With a global shift towards environmentally friendly products, rattan baskets have seen a resurgence in the last year with a younger audience.

The final piece of the puzzle to tie everything together is a good rug. Rugs can come in all shapes, sizes and colours so finding the right one can take some time. But it will be time well spent when you find the perfect match. Tip: Look to purchase a rubber mat to stop the rug from sliding on hardwood floor.

The image below shows how to use these three tips to your advantage to make your conservatory a stylish yet comfortable place for you and your family to enjoy. Images courtesy of Daro Furniture available at Premier Cane Furniture.

Style your conservatory

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