Mr & Mrs Wilcox

We started looking for replacement Cane furniture in summer last year. We visited a Conservatory company in Lincoln that housed a large selection of Cane furniture, the prices were very high. 
With limited stockists where we live I then started to look at an internet purchase, which in my humble view can cause issues, i.e pay before the goods arrive. 
I found a company up north, there selection and prices were very good. We chose a suitable suite then sent for fabric samples. And waited and waited for samples. Excuses kept coming and eventually the suite we chose plus others disappeared from their website. Alarm bells 🔔 so kicked them into touch. 
I had seen Premier Cane but they were more expensive, hence not contacting. 
I have to say what a pleasure to do business with them. More than prompt with mails I sent re samples, prices. Samples arrived promptly. So decision made to purchase. 
I contacted directly and to my delight found that once the deposit was paid no further payment would be made till delivery and total satisfaction. Plus it is there delivery service. I also asked for advice re finish to the suite as we are directly south facing, another tick in the box. That info took away our concerns. 
They were also more than happy to store the suite till the building work was completed at our property as well. 
Mr Wheeler and son duly arrived just prior to Xmas, they were  very careful with the Suite and respected our property. Offered to take the final packaging off and place the cushions on the suite. We didn’t take that option up as wasn't at that stage in the conservatory.
No need to inspect it, as I know delivery would not have been made with one element of damage to the suite. Why, their standards.
I would have no hesitation in purchasing from Premier Cane again nor recommending to any prospective client.
Extremely pleased with the quality of Product and Service. 
Thank you Premier Cane, pleasure.
Warm regards
Sue Wilcox
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