Our Better Future Tree Promise

Our Better Future Tree Promise

Exciting news! We're proud to announce our new partnership with 'JUST ONE Tree', we have just signed an official agreement to donate the cost of planting a tree for every sale. That means more trees and less Co2, sounds good to us!

Our natural conservatory furniture is already made out a fast growing super plant that grows in Indonesia. All of our indoor cane and rattan products are made out of a natural cane plant which can take between 3-5 years to grow, rather than the traditional oak tree which can take 20 years to mature. This difference in harvesting time is what makes cane and rattan so sustainable as growth can match demand whilst slower growing hardwoods can not. 

But that is not enough! More trees are still being chopped down than planted globally (by a lot) so we have decided to donate the cost of planting a tree for every Premier Cane Furniture sale, and that's across all ranges and all order sizes. Our pledge is just another step we are taking to give back to the planet and we are excited to see our partnership grow for the considerable future.

Why Trees?

Trees are carbon sinks, absorbing the pollutants we humans put into the atmosphere. They clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent soil erosion and flooding, give life to the world's wildlife, house complex ecosystems, supply us with medicine and provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people. They really are the superheroes of the planet and we need them in order to survive.


JUST ONE Tree is a non-profit organisation supporting reforestation projects around the world. They combat climate change through planting trees and in the process they help ​provide training, agricultural education and sustainable incomes in poverty stricken areas. ​Simultaneously improving livelihoods whilst tackling our climate crisis. 

Where Each pounds goes

Supported by an awesome team, sprinkled liberally with passion and drive, ​JUST ONE Tree has seen almost 1.4 million trees planted. Reforesting 508 acres of land across 4 continents - equivalent to restoring an area the size of Monaco.


If you have any questions or queries please feel free to leave a comment or email one of our team members. 

Progress News

 As of September 2022 we are proud to announce we have donated 517 trees to 'Just One TREE' which is helping to remove over 6.39 tonnes of CO2 every year.

🌳🌱 - Premier Cane Team

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