Commercial Furniture

Your Go-To Contract Furniture Solution

Premier Cane Furniture specializes in providing top-notch contract furniture services for various sectors in the leisure industry, including Holiday Parks, Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Resorts, and more. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to meet all your volume cane furniture supply needs, as well as Outdoor Furniture requirements.

At Premier Cane Furniture, we go beyond just supplying furniture. We offer comprehensive advisory services throughout the planning stage, ensuring that your products are installed seamlessly. Moreover, we guarantee that the soft furnishings provided meet the contract furnishing standards set in the EU.

Our approach is tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business. With our bespoke design service, we can create unique furniture combinations that perfectly align with your vision. We pride ourselves on our personal service and excellent customer care, as we believe these elements are crucial in delivering quality furniture that caters to your exact needs.

To learn more about our offerings and how Premier Cane Furniture can assist you, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Sales Team at We look forward to serving you!


Why choose cane & Rattan?

Sustainable Choice:

In an era where sustainability is gaining increasing importance, cane and rattan furniture offer an eco-friendly alternative. These materials are derived from renewable resources, such as the rattan palm, which grows abundantly in tropical regions. By opting for cane and rattan furniture, you can contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on style and comfort.