Mr & Mrs Turnbull

When we started our search for new conservatory furniture we knew we wanted a complete change from the nice but boring ‘neutral’ colour scheme we’ve tended to always go for. We also wanted high backs to rest our heads and deep cushions up to the back of our knees; comfort and strikingly good looking - sounds a simple ‘want’? - believe me its not. We knew what we wanted but couldn’t find it - not in our price range any way. We drove here there and everywhere looking at same old same; nothing grabbed us - we wanted to give our conservatory a stylish make over, somewhere very comfortable with a bit of ‘wow’ thrown in. Then we found Premier Cane. On first contacting I spoke with Ellie who was very knowledgeable and gave me pause for thought over one suite we’d been contemplating, her advice was sound and alerted us to to some pro’s and con’s we hadn’t thought of. We wanted to ‘see’ what we were going to buy so it was back to the drawing board; armed with Ellies’ information it wasn’t long before we found it - I saw it first, my husband almost immediately after; we just looked at each other and knew that was IT!!! Back again to the very patient Ellie for price comparison and guidance onfabrics; we’d already sort of decided what we wanted, and Ellie helped us so much with that; make the wrong decision with the fabric and the whole look will be a disaster and we certainly didn’t want that. The price was within our budget and much more competitive that anywhere else, there was no ‘hard sell’, no pressure whatsoever - just good advice and excellent service. Yesterday Mark and his lovely dad delivered our Cane Industries, ‘Murcia’ furniture - two small settee’s, a footstool, a coffee table and side table. The fabric is Roselli Floral to the settee backs and arm pads and Roselli Stripe to the seats and footstool - the furniture is in Whitewash. Does it have ‘wow’? No  But it does have ........................ ’ WOW’!!!! ‘WOW’!!!!! ‘WOW’!!!! When we dressed the room it brought tears to my eye’s, so beautiful - everything and more we were hoping for. I was up at 5am this morning just to look at it!!! Premier Cane is an excellent Company to deal with, its been our pleasure, so glad we found you.

Thank you Ellie, Mark and Dad regards and best wishes Linda & Dereck Turnbull Cheshire.

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